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Trademark Services

TrademarksThe BrooksGroup provides state, federal, and international trademark services to clients whether the client is at the business conception stage or is an established international company. The BrooksGroup trademark attorneys have substantial experience assisting companies in the clearance, prosecution, monitoring, enforcement and licensing of trademarks, service marks, and trade names.

The BrooksGroup trademark services include:

  • Trademark selection and usage counseling;
  • Trademark clearance searches;
  • Preparation and filing of state, federal and foreign registration applications;
  • Trademark registration prosecution including preparing responses to office actions;
  • Request for reconsideration in ex parte appeals;
  • Post-registration maintenance and removal of trademark registrations;
  • Negotiating and drafting trademark license agreements,
  • Joint use agreements, consent agreements and assignments;
  • Trademark monitoring;
  • Trademark recordation with U.S. Customs;
  • Serving and responding to cease and desist letters;
  • Trademark infringement litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants;
  • Trademark infringement and non-infringement opinions.