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Patent Services

PatentsThe BrooksGroup offers a broad range of patent related services for clients in the United States and international clients. Our attorneys are licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and in state and federal courts including The Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and the United States Supreme Court. In addition to representing clients in the United States, the BrooksGroup provides patent services in over 30 foreign countries through the use of trusted foreign associates in each country. Our attorneys and litigators have a broad range of experience including a wide variety of technologies and various legal proceedings. We pride ourselves in being extremely knowledgeable about the most recent patent rules and case law. In fact, some of our attorneys have been instructors in nationally renowned patent seminars teaching their peers techniques and strategies on crafting and drafting winning patents that will successfully survive scrutiny by the courts. Our attorneys also provide free seminars on patent and trademark topics to select audiences including corporations, organization in the legal profession, general practice firms, CPA firms, business organizations, and foreign associates.

The BrooksGroup can assist clients with establishing invention disclosure programs, set up and participate in invention disclosure review board for evaluating which inventions are suitable for filing as a provisional application, non-provisional application, PCT application, design application, or keeping as a trade secret. The BrooksGroup can also develop and maintain trade secret programs company wide. We also perform patentability searches and opinions so that our clients can best determine where to utilize their resources for protecting intellectual property through patents.

In addition to providing patent prosecution guidance and services, the BrooksGroup has experienced litigators to assist our clients in patent enforcement and patent defense. We provide pre-litigation evaluation including infringement opinions for our clients. We often provide our clients with assistance in serving allegations of patent infringement including cease and desist letters. The BrooksGroup also has exceptional experience in designing around competitors patents.

Our patent services include:

  • Set up and conduct innovation worshops;
  • Set up and participate in invention identification programs;
  • Set up and participate in invention review boards;
  • Patentability searching;
  • Patentability opinions;
  • State of the art searching and review opinions;
  • Defensive publication preparation and filing;
  • Patent application preparation and filing;
  • Patent prosecution in the United States;
  • Reissue and/or reexamination proceeding;
  • Appeals in the USPTO and federal courts;
  • Foreign patent application prosecution;
  • Patent portfolio monitoring and maintenance;
  • Patent infringement opinions;
  • Patent invalidity searches and opinions;
  • Freedom to manufacture, use, and sell searches, analysis and opinions;
  • Infringement opinions;
  • Patent design around analysis and assistance;
  • Litigation for defendants, plaintiffs and patent applicants in patent related matters.