Entertainment Law and Rights of Publicity

Entertainment Law Services

Entertainment LawThe BrooksGroup represents individual artists and company rights holders with respect to entertainment contracts, sponsorship agreements, licensing, promotion and the like. The firm provides assistance to clients with negotiating rights agreements and enforcing those rights against unauthorized use. The BrooksGroup can assist holders of rights of publicity to secure those rights in numerous jurisdictions, branding and licensing of such rights, and enforcements of those rights against infringers. The firm’s attorneys can provide assistance in negotiating and drafting option agreements, production and development agreements, representation agreements, royalty agreements and entertainment partnership agreements.

The BrooksGroup can provide entertainment law services in the following areas:

  • Film and television;
  • Music law;
  • Publishing and print media;
  • Celebrity and talent representation;
  • Telecommunications and broadcasting;
  • Marketing and advertising law;
  • Online and digital media;
  • Media and software licensing;
  • Entertainment litigation.