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Copyright Services

CopyrightsThe BrooksGroup attorneys have extensive experience in clearance, prosecution, monitoring, enforcement and licensing of copyrighted subject matter. Our services include drafting and negotiating licensing agreements with licensors or licensees as well as acquisition and assignment agreements of copyrighted work. The BrooksGroup can also register copyrights with the U.S. Customs Department to prevent importation of copyrighted works. Our attorneys also have litigation experience assisting both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright infringement actions.

The BrooksGroup copyright services include:

  • Preparation in filing of copyright registration application;
  • Copyright registration prosecution including appeals;
  • Preparing copyright infringement and non-infringement opinions;
  • Copyright license agreement drafting and negotiation;
  • Copyright enforcements;
  • U.S. Custom copyright recordation;
  • Serving and responding to cease and desist letters;
  • Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in copyright infringement litigation.